About the Co-operative Education Programme

The SPMS Co-operative Education Programme (SPMS-CEP) places SPMS students in well-established companies for work experiences throughout their four years of studies in NTU.

Starting from their first year, each student in the SPMS-CEP participates in a credit-earning structured job training programme with a company, which enhances the student's education with practical work experiences, enabling them to progressively master practical skills and knowledge for their future careers.

Practical Training

The job training programmes are designed to supplement and build on academic curricula with practical trainings.

Mentored by SPMS Professors

Participating students are mentored by SPMS professors to ensure the best programme outcome.

Indepth Exposure

Extended training with the same company allows the student exposure to the various functions within the organisation.

Career Opportunities

Participating student with indepth insight into the company favours them for consideration for hire into higher roles.


Students in the SPMS-CEP works in the companies for a total of 50 work weeks, which are spread over three work terms.

Work Term 1

End of first year, 10 weeks, mid-May to late-Jul

Work Term 2

End of second year, 10 weeks, mid-May to late-Jul

Work Term 3

Between third and fourth year, 30 weeks, (early-Jan to late-Jul) OR (mid-May to early-Dec)

During the final 30-week work term, students may choose to undertake a final year project with the company that contributes to the graduation requirements of the degree programme.